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Our History

In 2003, the Migrant Resource Centre of SA assisted the Filipino community in deciding how they will manage the Filipino Settlement Program which was then managed by the MRCSA. The Filipino Advisory Committee formed a working committee who drafted the community survey. A community consultation was conducted to explain the community survey. The MRCSA engaged an independent person to tally the results of the survey where majority indicated that they would like a new coordinating council formed to manage the Filipino Settlement Program. The establishment of FSCCSA was mandated by the results of the survey.

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Our Objectives

  • Provide a service that assists the settlement and welfare needs of individuals and families of Filipino communities, particularly new arrivals to South Australia; and

  • Promote cultural diversity through linkages and cooperation between the member organisations of the Council and between the Council and other organisations, groups and communities in South Australia; and

  • Assist the social and cultural settlement of the families of member organisations, group and communities through education and information on the diversity of the heritage and culture of the different groups in the Council; and

  • Promote harmony, peace and cooperation amongst all groups and communities in South Australia; and

  • Utilise resources for the sole purpose of furthering the aims and objectives of the Council.

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